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Want a More Youthful Face? Fix Your Smile lines with These Tips!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Smile Lines

A dazzling smile is one of the best things anyone could ever have. Everyone appreciates someone with reassuring, warm smiles. Many of us can't stop smiling because we love to laugh and be cheerful. As we get older with age, however, even our smiles can stand in the way of a youthful face. That's largely because of the presence of smile lines.

What Are Smile Lines?

Also known as laugh lines, these wrinkles manifest when a person smiles. It gives a person an aged look as they develop around the mouth. Wrinkles like smile lines are usually signs of aging down the line, but there are a number of reasons younger people can get them. They can show up from a person's early 20s onwards. The lines and wrinkles will increase and deepen over time.

It should be noted that when they're a result of natural aging, smile lines are expected. Having wrinkly lines at an early age can negatively impact self-esteem, though. Premature smile lines should absolutely be addressed immediately.

How Are Smile Lines Caused?

● Alcohol

● Extreme sun exposure

● Genetical inheritance

● Not enough hydration

● Skin lacking collagen

● Smoking

● Using products that have harsh chemicals

How Can Smile Lines Be Fixed?


These are a particular type of injectable fillers—botulinum toxins. Unlike the others, they weaken the concerned skin's muscles. In turn, wrinkles and lines end up relaxing and help decrease the prominence of smile lines. It may take a few days for the results of this to show up.

Collagen Induction Treatment

Sometimes also known by the term 'microneedling', this will increase your skin's collagen level. That way, it makes your skin wrinkle-free and firm. One of the biggest reasons skin gets smile lines is loss of collagen. Naturally, putting more collagen into the skin is very helpful. When smile lines get filled with collagen, that will then make them go away.


Several quick exercises can be done to decrease smile lines. One of them is just a matter of smiling widely with open lips, smile lines being pressed while holding the smile, then keeping the position for five seconds. Repeating that for 30 seconds will go a long way.

Injectable Fillers

Typically made with hyaluronic acid, these have an immediate result. It's injected into facial tissues where the crease is, leading it to smoothen out. The filter goes from the mouth to the nose. Their effects last for several months. If you change your mind or don't like the results, they can be removed at any moment.

Laser Therapy

When this happens, the upper layer of skin is removed so that a new skin layer comes up. Aside from getting rid of wrinkles and smile lines, dark spots from your skin will also be removed. According to studies, recovery time is around 1-3 weeks. It will have to be repeated months later to have lasting results.

Conclusion - Smile lines

Smile lines are also known as laugh lines, and they're a result of natural ageing. However, they can appear during a person's early 20s. Premature smile lines can be addressed through the likes of injectable fillers, laser therapy, and Botox.

Smile lines are wrinkles on your face that Advanced Laser Clinic can definitely address! We have unique procedures that are state-of-the-art and non-invasive that are ideal for any skin type. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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