Skin Rejuvenation

The FRAC3 skin treatment is a non-ablative revolution in skin rejuvenation. FRAC3 utilises Nd.Yag laser to stimulate the skins natural capacity to rejuvenate by inducing micro wounds in prematurely aged or damaged portions of the dermis and epidermis. 


The laser creates a 3 dimensional matrix of micro wounds which are concentrated at specific depths of the existing skin damage. The surrounding tissue remains unaffected therefore the treatment intensity is minimised. This treatment achieves a healthy, natural glow without the discomfort and downtime associated with other procedures. FRAC3 is also used to diffuse redness and treat rosacea and pigmentation.


This is a safe and non-invasive procedure and often referred to as a "lunch hour laser".


  • Targets deep skin imperfections

  • Stimulates collagen to tighten skin

  • Improves texture, tone, and wrinkles

  • Suitable for even the darkest skin

  • Lengthy sun avoidance not required

Prior to Treatment


Every person wishing to be treated at Advanced Laser Clinic will require a consultation with our Laser Consultant prior to their first treatment.


At this appointment, we welcome all questions to advance your understanding of the treatment. There will be a consultation form to be completed about your health and medications to asses your eligibility for treatment.


A patch test will be performed on your skin to ensure the laser settings are suitable for you. If there are no reactions 24 hours after your patch test, we can commence your laser treatment.


Before laser therapy, it is very important that you keep your treated area away from sun exposure. Your skin needs to be protected from the sun for a minimum of two weeks before any treatment commences. This is crucial both before and after the treatment. The lasers work on providing a specific heat at a specific depth in your tissue to produce a desired end point. This end point can be exacerbated if exposed to sun and can cause unwanted side effects.


Procedure Time

Down Time

Skin Types

Price/ Procedure


Topical Anesthetic

20-30 mins.





Before & After

Frequently asked questions

How will my skin look after FRAC3 laser?

Initially you may notice slight redness, however this settles very quickly and most people can return to normal activities straight away. The treatment creates a thermal response but there is no breaking of the skin and therefore no downtime associated with FRAC3.

Will FRAC3 hurt?

No, with FRAC3, you will feel a sensation of heat accumulation in the skin. Some areas may be more sensitive than others- clients often find that the forehead can be slightly more sensitive as it is a bonier area. You will have no pain or discomfort post treatment.

Do I need to do anything special post treatment?

Your clinician will be able to advise you on a topical homecare regime. It is extremely important to care for your skin post treatment as it may be more sensitive initially after FRAC3 laser. You will be provided with a post-care information sheet and it is important to follow these instructions to ensure that the skin is well cared for and protected at all times. General guidelines initially are to avoid any direct sun exposure, to apply only prescribed topical homecare, to avoid exercise for 24 hours and to ensure the skin remains clean and protected at all times.

Is Fotona Laser safe?

Fotona laser treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that uses multi-laser technology. Having been clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, Fotona laser treatments are safe, have minimal to no downtime and produces satisfactory results.

What will the recovery period be like?

This is a non-surgical procedure, so there is no recovery period. You will be able to resume your usual daily activities right away. It is normal to experience some redness of the skin, which will last one to two days.

How long will it take to see results?

Results will vary with every individual, but most patients notice some results immediately, with the full effect taking place gradually over a period of 2-3 months.

Will I need to have repeat treatment sessions?

To achieve the best results, some people may need to undergo 4 to 6 sessions. The repeat sessions can be undertaken after 20 to 30 days.


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