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So You Had a Skin Needling Treatment What Comes After?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Skin Needling

Skin needling treatments bring so many benefits, which is why many people tend to get them. However, what to expect immediately after these sessions may be a little fuzzy for some people. Moreover, the way skin is immediately after can cause some unneeded worry. In this blog, we're going to explore what comes after a skin needling treatment.

Skin Needling

Essentially, the process of undergoing skin needling will stimulate the natural collagen production of the body alongside elastin. This will happen up to three months (12 weeks) post-treatment. Individual results will, of course, be different from person to person. Some patients will need several treatments before they see results. Others will see a notable difference within a span of a few weeks.

Results last until the skin begins to push forward in order for its natural ageing process to progress.


There are two particular post-treatment effects that many people may worry about needlessly. As soon as the procedure ends, it's normal for the skin to feel warm to the touch. Moreover, it's also normal for a bit of flakiness and dryness to manifest on the skin within 3-5 days after. It's normal since dead skin cells are generally stimulated upwards thanks to the overall process involved. The endpoint is that skin will look far more radiant, and skin is much softer.

Skin needling treatments will lead to a bit of swelling and redness in the treated areas. The previously mentioned "warm to the touch" feeling could resemble the sensation that comes with a bit of a sunburn. But don’t worry; this only takes no more than two days.

The previously mentioned flakiness or dryness may bring on the temptation to pick at the treated area. While it may go without saying, it's worth mentioning that picking at this skin will be the wrong move to make. Instead, moisturiser should be applied twice up to thrice a day; when it's finished, the skin will seem like it went through an exfoliation process.

Post-Skin Needling Treatment Tips

There are several things that can be done to better maintain skin and the effects of the skin needling treatment. This includes, but is not limited to, things to do and not to do.

Things to Do:

● Apply a cooling face mask.

● Stay hydrated.

● Use broad-spectrum sunscreen when the skin heals.

● Use collagen-stimulating peptides.

Things Not to Do:

● Avoid being exposed to the sun.

● Avoid applying makeup after the treatment up to two days after.

● Avoid anti-inflammatory medications.

● Avoid skin products that are said to have 'active ingredients.’

● Avoid sweating and activities that may lead to it.

● Make sure any cleanser used is a gentle one.

Conclusion - Skin Needling

When people get skin needling done, the benefits are much like a thorough skin exfoliation. After the treatment, you can expect the skin to be warm to the touch and even have some minor flakiness or dryness. Post-treatment care should involve avoiding sun exposure, staying hydrated and avoiding any activities that may lead to excessive sweating. Skin needling doesn’t require any major post-treatment adjustment on your end, so book that session today!

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