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Get smoother and tighter skin with TightSculpting


Do you live in baggy clothes to hide your excess flab? Cellulite may happen to anybody at any age, irrespective of your sex and regardless of your weight. To combat the hard to kill cellulite issue, here is a solution, an advanced laser therapy called TightSculpting. This laser therapy eliminates fat, firms the skin, and reduces cellulite.


TightSculpting is a non-invasive, pleasant, and safe procedure used for body shaping. The laser procedure targets stubborn fat with regulated laser energy- the heat causes fat cells to disintegrate. Remember, this is not a weight-loss treatment. If you wish to enjoy a perfectly sculpted body post-treatment, then maintain appropriate nutrition and exercise regularly.

TightSculpting at Advanced Laser Clinic uses Fotona laser to burn extra fat and tighten the skin. This procedure will leave your body toned and firm.


How does Fotona TightSculpting work?

Fotona’s TightSculpting is a patented laser technology for skin tightening and sculpting that uses unique dual wavelengths and works on every body part. Hyperthermic adipocyte death and collagen remodelling result in a remarkable outcome. This is a non-invasive, quick, and easy method used for fat removal.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: PIANO pulse for Deep Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction


By using a very long Nd: YAG pulse mode intended to heat tissue without harming the epidermis, the device can transfer energy in such a way that it warms fat cells under the skin, improving metabolism without tampering with the skin's integrity. The PIANO setting increases the pulse length to seconds, resulting in full-thickness bulk heating and a synergistic tightening effect.


STEP 2: SMOOTH pulse for improving skin surface laxity


In addition to skin tightening, a new non-ablative Er: YAG SMOOTH® mode is used in the second stage. Surface tissue is heated to induce collagen remodelling and neocollagenesis, characterised by collagen produced in the skin. The results ensure that the laxity and elasticity in the treated regions are improved.

Do you want a sculpted body but don’t wish to go under the knife?


We all dream of that perfect figure, some of us have it easy, while others might face some struggles. Those who struggle with body image issues know just how difficult it may be to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. So, here we are, making it all easy for you.


Are you looking for a sense of self-assurance? At Advanced Laser Clinic we use specialised laser technology to offer highly effective treatments to tighten skin and eliminate unwanted fat. Contact us to start a discussion with our expert!


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Prior to Treatment


Every person wishing to be treated at Advanced Laser Clinic will require a consultation with our Laser Consultant prior to their first treatment.


At this appointment, we welcome all questions to advance your understanding of the treatment. There will be a consultation form to be completed about your health and medications to asses your eligibility for treatment.


A patch test will be performed on your skin to ensure the laser settings are suitable for you. If there are no reactions 24 hours after your patch test, we can commence your laser treatment.


Before laser therapy, it is very important that you keep your treated area away from sun exposure. Your skin needs to be protected from the sun for a minimum of two weeks before any treatment commences. This is crucial both before and after the treatment. The lasers work on providing a specific heat at a specific depth in your tissue to produce a desired end point. This end point can be exacerbated if exposed to sun and can cause unwanted side effects.


Procedure Time

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Topical Anesthetic

45  mins.





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