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Dermaceutic Laboratories

Dermaceutic is a leading player in the field of international aesthetic dermatology. Dermaceutic was developed in the 1990s by french doctors seeking to provide patients with safe peels and non-invasive skincare options. Dermaceutic offers high performance peels and cosmeceuticals whose results are backed by one of the most extensive clinical trials in the industry.


Dermaceutic products offer solutions for every skin type through targeted protocols to address major skin conditions: appearance of dull complexion, acne prone skin, and wrinkles and pigment spots.


Dermaceutic Laboratories currently offers two product lines: professional chemical peels and cosmeceuticals. They may be used independently or together as part of a customised skincare routine to achieve optimal lasting results with less irritation and downtime than other more concentrated peels.  

Group bottles with 7 Essential Actions (
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Before & After

-Cocktail of 9 highly concentrated active ingredients
-Innovative stable ingredients
-Inhibits transfers of melanin and helps reduce pigmentation
-To be used as part of the Mela Peel Treatment protocol, to treat pigment spots and melasma.


Mela Cream 

Mela Cream Pigmentation Cream is designed to significantly reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation and dark spots. 

Why should you choose Mela Cream?

Dermaceutic Mela Cream Before After Imag
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