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Medical Grade

LED Light Therapy

LED is a well-known cosmetic therapy that administers a dose of narrow-band light

to particular parts of the skin, promoting the skin's natural regeneration and healing

processes. This non-invasive procedure is a gentle and natural way to give skin treatments,

similar to how photosynthesis occurs.

The Technology

Our medical grade (class 1/B) Chip-On-Board (COB) Xen LED delivers an innovation

in LED design, allowing for a much higher packing density than earlier technologies;

with By using COB technology, we are able to use 38 times the number of LEDs

found in any other gadget.

Increased efficiency leads to improved performance in an LED array by boosting light

intensity and decreasing array heat, enabling quicker, full-dose treatments.



Within the dermis the light energy is used to increase cellular production and heal and

strengthen cells, while simultaneously reducing inflammation. LED may be utilized as a

stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with other therapies, resulting in improved results

and a shorter recovery period.

Clinically Proven Wavelengths


Xen Led system use only clinically proven wavelengths delivered at the optimised intensity and dose enabling effective photobiomodulation of targeted cells and skin tissue with proven results. ​

RED (633nm) & NEAR INFRA-RED (NIR) (830nm)

​Red and near-infrared light penetrate the skin more deeply than other visible colours. This burst of natural energy aids in the reduction of inflammation and promotes wound healing. Natural skin renewal, regeneration, relaxing, toning, and hair regrowth occur as a consequence of red and near-infrared light. These colours are most well-known for their ability to strengthen collagen in the skin. LED Light Therapy is a widely sought after procedure for enhancing the look and structure of the skin.


BLUE (410nm)

Due to the lower wavelength of the blue spectrum of light, it penetrates tissue rather slowly. Numerous studies have shown that blue light consistently reduces acne lesions by a substantial amount. Due to the fact that blue light kills bacteria through a biological process called programmed cell death, the Blue LEDs are well positioned to deliver a purifying anti-bacterial impact on the skin's surface, removing the germs that cause irritation during breakouts.


Procedure Time

Down Time

Skin Types

Price/ Procedure


Topical Anesthetic

10-20 mins.