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Jane Iredale

The Skin Care Makeup™

The Pioneer in Mineral Makeup

The Jane Ireland, a brilliant one-of-a-kind makeup range that is healthy for the skin. A range that helps eliminate any common vilest ingredients found in traditional makeup products. Jane Ireland delivers a range of skincare that is beneficial in concealing skin imperfections. You can see optimal results by evening out and improving your skin to deliver that flawless look. Actresses, patients, and women reap the advantages of skin care when wearing Jane Iredale makeup. 


Post-Treatment Makeup

Jane Iredale makeup is absolutely safe for all skin types, even on the most sensitive skin, making this product a perfect camouflage to wear after the skin process. 


  • It contains quality formulas that will improve your natural radiance. 

  • Pure mineral powders provide long-lasting and top-notch coverage. 

  • Multi-tasking makeup enhances and simplifies your beauty regimen. 


  • Skincare range that is free of talc, parabens, fillers, synthetic fragrance, and GMO ingredients. 

  • No more clog pores due to non-comedogenic formulas. 

  • 100% allergy and dermatologically tested.

  • Extensively tested for efficacy and safety.  

  • Formulated using only effective and natural ingredients. 



  • Jane Iredale makeup believes in cruelty-free range. 

  • Certified cruelty-free by CCIC. 

  • We don’t sell products in the market where animal testing is conducted. 

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