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Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing refers to a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. The process involves tattooing specialised pigment into the upper layers of the skin and is used to enhance eyebrows, lips, eyes, scalp and more. 

Completing the procedure for best results takes two weeks. 

The second visit, Touch up, is charged at a minimal fee if completed within 4-8 weeks of the first procedure. 

Eyebrow tattoo

An eyebrow tattoo assists in adding definition to the brows by improving their shape and fullness. Defined brows not only lift the eyes but frame the face as well. 

The process involves shaping the eyebrows with a make-up pencil until the patient is satisfied and then implementing the pigmentation. 



Eyeliner is a subtle tattoo on the top and bottom of the lashes which mimics hundreds of lashes creating the illusion of thick ones. The tattoo also helps add colour for a natural or a dramatic line.

Lip Line/Lip Liner & Blend


This treatment is an exquisite way to enhance the shape, fullness, youthfulness and colour of lips with or without lipstick. It is perfect for those with a pale lip colour, unevenness and loss of definition.


Beauty Spot

This treatment involves enhancing a  freckle or creating a beauty spot.

Who can benefit from Cosmetic Tattooing?

Those who:

-Have sparse eyelashes/eyebrows

-Are allergic to cosmetics

-Are active in sport and exercise

-Have unsteady hands

-Are vision or mirror impaired

-Have loss of definition/colour

-Want the convenience of make-up that won't smudge


Procedure Time

Down Time

Skin Types

Price/ Procedure


Topical Anesthetic

60-120 mins.






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