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Why Erbium YAG Is the Best Method for Laser Treatments

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

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Choosing which technology and cosmetic treatments to invest in are two of the most challenging decisions physicians must make. Body sculpting, wrinkle removal, or complete skin resurfacing may be of interest to patients. Still, there is a growing trend in the aesthetic business today because of the need for non-invasive treatments, little downtime, and significant and long-lasting effects. This need makes research and being up to date with everything paramount.

Many doctors, for instance, used to feel that CO2 lasers were the greatest technique to cure wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin imperfections. A new trend has emerged, now hailed by countless worldwide due to its excellent outcomes and safe, mild treatments.

Simply put, more dermatologists, clinicians, and patients are opting for Erbium YAG technology over CO2 lasers. Now we'll look at how Erbium YAG has surpassed all other fractional laser skin resurfacing and deep ablation methods such as CO2 lasers:

1. Optimal Wavelength for Skin Ablation

Water absorption curves are increased when Erbium YAG is emitted at 2,940 nm. Its lasers offer a high-efficiency beam for targeting water and low absorption of haemoglobin. Because water is essential in skin tissues, Erbium YAG lasers generate a wavelength that rapidly vaporises water in the skin, resulting in practically instantaneous skin ablation while minimising heat damage in the surrounding region.

Erbium lasers, on the other hand, offer the greatest benefit in terms of reduced thermal damage. Erbium lasers do not create or apply excessive heat in the surrounding tissue because of their high water absorption in skin tissue. This reduces the likelihood of localised necrosis, post-treatment pain, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

2. Modified Treatment Depths

Erbium YAG (Er:YAG) lasers have a wide range of treatment depths, thanks to the epidermal and dermal tissue's much higher water absorption. Because of the substantial water absorption, practitioners can either shorten the pulse duration to make the treatment “colder” or lengthen the pulse duration to make the treatment “warmer.”

Furthermore, cold laser treatment uses laser therapy to treat tissue without causing severe heat harm. When using Er:YAG lasers, you have the option of tailoring treatments to each patient more precisely, and you may choose whether to increase thermal damage by extending the pulse duration or reduce thermal effects to a minimum.

3. Less Damage, Less Pain

To prevent heat damage, each patient is given their own set of protocols. Popular procedures with little to no downtime, such as the "Hollywood Peel" mild dermabrasion that uses "super-cold" ablation to address epidermal pigmentation and dull skin, are available. Er:YAG practitioners can adjust the heat level in the skin for collagen tightening depending on the treatment type.

Er:YAG treatments are also significantly less painful due to low thermal effects, and it does not call for anaesthesia for minor lesions. Indeed, the Er:YAG lasers are the best choice for treating sensitive regions, including the periorbital area, neck, chest, and hands because of their safety characteristics.

4. Lower Risk Of Side Effects

The usual side effects of the common CO2 laser treatments include pigmentation issues and skin bleaching. These are due to thermal damage and collagen stimulation.

While it is generally known that CO2 lasers penetrate deeper into the dermis than Erbium lasers, this does not always equate to better results when energy levels are kept constant. Erbium YAG lasers produce excellent outcomes with little, if any, adverse side effects.

5. Shorter Recovery Time

Because of the small depths of wounds created by Er:YAG lasers, healing time is reduced. Its lasers do less thermal damage to surrounding skin tissue, enabling considerably quicker recovery than CO2 lasers, which cause deeper lesions and substantial thermal damage.

Conclusion - Laser treatments

It turns out that technological advancements also extend to the aesthetics industry. As we further study and utilise Erbium YAG laser treatments, the more we will see and experience profound results with little to no damage. With its modifiable thermal powers, pulse patterns, and energy capacities, the Erbium YAG laser is the obvious choice for a safer yet super effective treatment.

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