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What to Know About Qualifying for Laser Hair Removal

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Laser Hair Removal

Technology has advanced quite a lot over the years, helping out with multiple industries. When it comes to the beauty space and people's wishes for hair removal, laser treatments can now take the place of waxing and shaving. That said, not everyone that walks into a laser clinic will qualify to get laser hair removal done.

Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

There are multiple factors involved as to whether or not someone will qualify as a laser hair removal candidate. Lasers are an intense pulsing light which, in this case, targets the melanin in hair. That's what helps hair to get its colour. This way, the hair follicle under the skin is broken down without any damage to the skin.

When it comes to qualifying for laser hair removal, there are two key considerations:

Consider Your Hair and Skin Type

There was a time when dark and coarse hair was the only viable hair type for laser hair removal. To this day, laser treatment for hair removal will not work for blond, fine hairs. Thanks to the advancement in technology, certain kinds of lighter hairs can be addressed. People with pale skin and dark hair are most ideal for this, thanks to the contrast.

People who have darker skin tones, tan easily and/or have light-coloured hair will fare better with waxing. That said, feel free to ask the nearest laser clinics to you. There has been some advancement in hair removal technology that can target situations where the skin tone and hair contrast is little to none.

Consider the Treatment Area

If you're just looking at dealing with a hair here and there, you'll want to reconsider laser hair removal. Larger skin areas (arms, back, legs, underarms) are great for the process. Facial hair also counts in this regard (think upper lip and/or chin), as well as the bikini area.

What Makes a Person Disqualified for Treatment?

As previously mentioned, fine, light hair can't really be addressed by laser hair removal. Other things on the "don't" list include avoiding areas close to the eyes (ex. between the eyebrows). Women who are pregnant or nursing are best off skipping the treatments, just as a precaution. It should be noted that there is no evidence pointing to harm for mother or baby, but just to be on the safe side, better not go for the procedure.

Conclusion - Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been a long-standing trend ever since it was introduced. Many people want to get it in order to address issues with unwanted hairs. However, not everyone will be able to qualify for laser hair removal due to a number of reasons. One of the biggest ones is when the contrast of skin tone and hair isn't there, or can barely be distinguished. When trying to figure out whether or not you qualify for laser hair removal, consider your hair and skin type. You should also be sure there's a rather large skin area involved, because the occasional here and there doesn't count.

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