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Debunking Laser Hair Removal Myths - 5 Facts You Must Know

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

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Laser hair removal treatment poses many benefits. It is the permanent answer to unwanted body hair and the perfect remedy for those susceptible to ingrown hairs. However, some are still scared to experience the treatment despite its advantages because of uncomfortable rumours surrounding the process. To determine what’s fact and fiction, read about these laser hair removal facts:

Fact 1: Laser hair removal can now accommodate any skin colour

Early machines could not distinguish the difference between brown or dark skin pigment from dark hair, making it a risky option for people with darker skin. Back then, the laser beams targeted darker pigments to remove hair, failing to account for clients with darker skin. Older machines would cause light spots, blisters, and scarring.

No longer is this the case in the modern age. Thanks to more advanced technology, anyone can get laser hair removal treatment no matter their skin colour.

Fact 2: Laser hair treatment can make your hair thinner

There are many reasons hair becomes thicker that are entirely unrelated to the treatment. However, the latter effect is only temporary. Laser hair treatment targets the cell growth cycle. This process forces the hair follicles to go dormant, resulting in the growth of finer hair. The continuous sessions will make your hair less visible over time.

Fact 3: You need successive treatments for a full effect

Laser hair removal will not get rid of your hair in an instant. It would be best to undergo multiple sessions to target the cells effectively. One important thing to note is that hair cells go through different life cycles. Cells need to be targeted in the growing phase for this treatment to be effective. Since not all hair cells are simultaneously in the same stage, you will need multiple sessions to get them all.

Fact 4: It will not be as painful as you imagine

People who are curious to try the treatment are often scared to feel pain or scars, but some clients do not even feel pain during laser hair treatment. Others find the pain tolerable. Clients often describe the feeling as a temporary and bearable discomfort. You can always ask for topical anesthesia to numb the sensation.

Scarring will only occur if your technician is inexperienced or lacks knowledge, so make sure you only book to appointments with clinics you trust.

Fact 5: Laser hair removal will help you save money in the long run

Laser hair removal may require you to spend more than buying a shaver or getting waxed, but is an investment that will eventually eliminate the need for waxing, tweezing and shaving for a long time. More than stopping hair growth, laser hair removal is also effective in removing chicken skin. It is a skin investment that gives more.

Getting a packaged price can help you save some money. Make sure to ask your clinic about promotional offers and discounts.


There are many myths surrounding laser hair removal, so make sure to do your research to discern the truth. Laser hair removal is the treatment you need if you want permanent hair reduction plus clearer and smoother skin. This treatment can help prevent getting ingrown hairs or skin irritation during manual hair removal sessions. If you want a practical solution that also speeds up the process, consider trying it yourself.

Get the best laser hair removal from Advanced Laser Clinic. We use Fotona’s high-performance laser systems and technology to provide safe and effective hair reduction. Call us on 03 8360 9495 to book a consultation.

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