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Understanding How Piano Skin Tightening Treatment Works

Updated: Jun 24

Ageing Face

Modern technology has introduced a wide range of advanced skin care treatments. With all the options you have, how would you know which treatment you need? In this article, we will focus on understanding one of the best laser therapy options today. If you are curious about Piano Skin tightening or planning to get it soon, read on. This article will define it, talk about how it works, discuss what body areas it can treat, and help you understand if you are eligible for the treatment.

What Is Piano Skin Tightening?

Piano skin tightening or piano laser treatment is a non-surgical and relatively affordable way to achieve a youthful look. It is recommended for those experiencing saggy or loose skin on their faces and bodies.

Piano skin tightening is a common cosmetic procedure that uses a laser. The laser uses Nd: YAG wavelength. This wavelength can be adjusted and customised, depending on the type of skin tightening needed.

How the Process Works

The Fotona Piano laser is the only ultra-long pulsed laser that reaches into the sagging fat and ligament layers of the face to create results other devices cannot achieve. A long pulse duration is necessary for absorption by water and collagen fibers to ensure collagen remodeling.

By creating an ultra-long pulse technology, Fotona PIANO achieves deeper tissue penetration with a tightening of all skin layers through bulk heating. The result is an improvement in facial laxity and wrinkles with minimal downtime. Fotona PIANO sets itself apart from other facelift or skin rejuvenation treatments by producing superior results while remaining safe for all skin types.

Body Areas You Can Treat

Piano skin laser is not only face-exclusive. You can also use it to treat other body parts, such as the following:

● Face

● Neck

● Chest

● Abdomen

● Back of hands

● Knee

● Legs

● Buttock

They are best for rejuvenating, tightening, and lifting the skin in these parts of the body.

Who Should Experience This Treatment

The best thing about the Piano Laser Skin Tightening is that it can cater to anyone. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, or no matter what type of skin laxity you experience in your body, you can enjoy this skin treatment.

What Else You Should Know

● Before the treatment, the patient needs to undergo a consultation with their laser consultant. The objective of this is to gauge whether the treatment is ideal for the patient. There will also be a patch test to ensure that the laser settings suit the patient’s skin. Only after the success of the patch test should the treatment commence.

● Like any other skin treatment, you need consistency to experience the optimal results for your skin. If you plan to get this treatment, you should consider having a minimum of at least five treatments in a cycle of three to four weeks.

● As mentioned earlier, this treatment is non-invasive. Therefore, it requires no downtime. You can get back to your normal activities immediately after each session.

● Since you are using laser treatment, you need to protect your treated area against sun exposure for at least two weeks before your next session.

Conclusion - Piano Skin Tightening

If you want a non-invasive treatment that can stimulate collagen production effectievely and give you results that last, consider Piano Skin Tightening. This treatment targets the internal layers of the skin and stimulates the development and growth of collagen. By doing so, you get tighter and toned facial and body skin. It is a safe, comfortable, and affordable laser treatment.

If you want to try piano laser treatment in the best service possible, contact us at Advanced Laser Clinic. We offer piano laser treatment and other laser skin treatments to cater to your different skin needs. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you with your beauty journey.


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