Skin Tightening


With a unique and ultra-long Nd: YAG laser pulse mode causes bulk tissue heating in safe and quick manner by concentrating energy dermatologically. The PIANO pulse uses advanced brushing technique to complete full-thickness heating to achieve an overall synergistic tightening results. 



  • Kindles collagen from the outside in

  • Pierces deeply through synergistic tightening

  • Excellent tool for fair-medium or dark skin in safe and effective manner

  • Tightens effectively on the face or body


Prior to Treatment


Many look forward to getting treatment at Advanced Laser Clinic but you need to book a consultation with our Laser consultant before one’s first treatment. With appointment, our consultants will welcome all your questions to advance your understanding. You will be required to file a complete consultation form that includes information about your health and medications to evaluate your eligibility for treatment. 

Conduct a patch test on your skin to make sure that the laser settings are ideal and suitable for your skin. If there is no adverse effects or reaction for 24 hours after the patch test, we can start laser treatment. Before we commence your laser therapy, it is crucial to keep all the treated regions away from being exposed to sun. Protect your skin from the sun for two weeks or so before starting any treatment. This is important for pre and post the treatment, the laser works on providing a specific depth in the tissue to help produce a desired end point. 


Procedure Time

Down Time

Skin Types

Price/ Procedure


Topical Anesthetic

20-40 mins.





Before & After



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