Skin Tightening


A unique, ultra-long Nd:YAG laser pulse that causes bulk tissue heating safely and rapidly, from the outside in, by concentrating energy delivery subcutaneously. The PIANO® pulse uses a brushing technique to complete full-thickness bulk heating for an overall synergistic tightening effect.



  • Stimulates collagen from the outside in

  • Penetrates deeply for synergistic tightening

  • Safe and effective for fair-medium or dark skin

  • Tightens effectively on the face or body

  • Comfortable and no downtime


Prior to Treatment


Every person wishing to be treated at Advanced Laser Clinic will require a consultation with our Laser Consultant prior to their first treatment.


At this appointment, we welcome all questions to advance your understanding of the treatment. There will be a consultation form to be completed about your health and medications to asses your eligibility for treatment.


A patch test will be performed on your skin to ensure the laser settings are suitable for you. If there are no reactions 24 hours after your patch test, we can commence your laser treatment.


Before laser therapy, it is very important that you keep your treated area away from sun exposure. Your skin needs to be protected from the sun for a minimum of two weeks before any treatment commences. This is crucial both before and after the treatment. The lasers work on providing a specific heat at a specific depth in your tissue to produce a desired end point. This end point can be exacerbated if exposed to sun and can cause unwanted side effects.


Procedure Time

Down Time

Skin Types

Price/ Procedure


Topical Anesthetic

20-40 mins.





Before & After

Frequently asked questions

What is Piano Laser Skin Tightening?

As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and we begin to see the signs of aging in our skin.The decline in our bodies’ production of collagen influences the way our skin appears over the years. Aging causes dermal structures to become weaker, and lines begin to form on the surface of the skin. Another cause of aging in the body can be from pregnancy for women who experience extreme stretching and often are left with creppy, saggy-looking skin on their stomach. The good news is that loose skin can be tightened and remodelled with the use of Fotona’s advanced laser technology.

How do Piano Laser Skin Tightening treatments work?

Fotona laser treatments for laser tightening use a Nd:YAG under Piano Mode to slowly generate heat into the subcutaneous layers of the skin. The thermal effects of the laser to the dermis produce increased elasticity in the skin while immediately displaying signs of improvement even after just one session. Piano Mode increases activity in the cellular structures of the skin by promoting the stimulation of collagen. Increased collagen provides added support to the form and condition of the skin. The support provided by collagen generation can be seen visibly as lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin is tightened. Piano Mode delivers laser heat to the dermis by activating a process called photo-thermolysis. This process modifies the dermal structures by increasing cellular activity in the treated areas. Selective photothermolysis targets specific areas on the body by emitting laser energy to the surface of the skin with Fotona’s proprietary hand piece in a painting motion over the treatment area. Piano Mode is absorbed into the skin by its Super Long Pulse, which delivers energy safely without ablation and induces the thermal effects of bulk heating to the treatment area.

What can be treated with Piano Laser Skin Tightening?

The most common areas of treatment are: Face – Reduces premature aging in the skin Neck – Reduces the appearance of sagging under the chin and prevents the formation of jowls Décolletage – Tightens the skin

Is Fotona Laser safe?

Fotona laser treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that uses multi-laser technology. Having been clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, Fotona laser treatments are safe, have minimal to no downtime and produce satisfactory results.

What can I expect during and after my Piano Laser Skin Tightening?

Piano Mode laser skin-tightening treatments are non-invasive and require no downtime. Patients may experience the heating of the treatment area with minimal discomfort. The thermal heating of the tissue cells induces thermally activated modification in the dermis. This treatment requires no post treatment care, and patients can resume normal activities immediately after their procedure. Results will gradually develop over the next 6 months after treatment based on individual collagen production. Maintenance from time to time is encouraged for longest lasting results.

How many treatments are required?

Ideally to obtain optimal results, a minimum of 4 sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart are required.



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