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Pre and Post-Procedure Care for Laser Hair Removal

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

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While shaving, threading and waxing may serve their purpose, the hair will grow back quicker than you think. This is a bothersome inconvenience that many people face. If you are one that is annoyed at how quickly hair grows back after shaving or waxing, you may be in search of a more permanent solution to this recurring problem.

Laser hair removal treatment. It’s something all razor-wielders have considered, but most of us reject it because of the price. Perhaps you heard of it through a friend or your clinician recommended it. If you are considering having this procedure done, it is wise to read up on it to be fully informed before you make your decision.

This blog post will help answer some of the questions that may be on your mind about this hair removal procedure.

What Should I Be Prepared for When Seeking Laser Hair Removal?

Knowing what to do before and after the laser hair removal procedure will help put your mind at ease about having the procedure done. Here are the need-to-know facts about what to expect in the before and aftercare for laser hair removal to help you better understand it.

Before the Procedure

The quality and result of laser hair removal will highly depend on how you take care of your skin in the weeks leading up to the procedure. It is important to only shave and stay away from other hair removal methods like waxing and chemical hair removal. Staying out of the sun and avoiding creams with AHA or BHA will also be necessary during the week prior to treatment.

If you have had Botox injections, it is best to wait at least two weeks before having your laser hair removal treatment done. The same time window can be said if you have had to take any antibiotics. Also, if you have any moles in the treatment area, it is advised that you inform your doctor that you will undergo hair removal treatment.

After the Procedure

You can expect that your skin will be a little more sensitive than normal in the days following the procedure. Don’t expose your skin to direct sunlight for around a week after the procedure. If you have to go out in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen lotion. Also, you may develop blisters on the treated area, but you should never pop them. Allow them to subside and heal on their own. Lastly, if you notice any adverse reactions, contact your laser hair removal specialist immediately.

Every case is different, which means that any other specific recommendations will be given to you by your laser clinician. If you have any questions, ask away!

What to Do to Maximize Results

Keep in mind that there will be more than one procedure to be able to achieve the permanent (or realistically only near-permanent) effects of this procedure. Making sure to finish the recommended number of treatment sessions will ensure that you will reach the full and desired effect of the procedure.


Getting laser hair removal is a quick and easy way to get rid of your unwanted body hair. If you feel hesitant to get this procedure done, you may not totally understand it. This is why doing research and directing your questions to a skin care specialist.

Should you have any questions about laser hair removal, the professionals at Advanced Laser Clinic will be able to put your mind at ease about the procedure. Serving Australians from our clinic in Victoria, we aim to provide unique, state of the art, non-invasive procedures suitable for all skin types, such as laser face lifting, piano skin tightening, the best laser hair removal treatment and much more.

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