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Classic Tattoo Removal vs. FracTatt Tattoo Removal. What to Know.

FracTatt tattoo removal

Tattoos have always been a popular form of self-expression, with more and more people choosing to adorn their bodies with various designs and symbols. However, as time goes by, some individuals may experience a change of heart and decide to part ways with their tattoos. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible to remove tattoos through a range of different methods. Two of the most popular tattoo removal techniques are classic tattoo removal and FracTatt tattoo removal.

Today, we will talk about the differences between these two methods and help you decide which one is best suited for your needs:

Classic Tattoo Removal

Classic tattoo removal, also known as laser tattoo removal, has been the go-to method for many years. This technique involves using high-intensity light beams (laser) to break down the ink particles in the skin. The fragmented ink particles are then removed by the body's immune system, resulting in the gradual fading of the tattoo.

There are different types of lasers used for classic tattoo removal, with the most common being Q-switched lasers. These lasers produce short pulses of high-intensity light that target the ink particles without damaging the surrounding skin. The choice of laser depends on the colour of the tattoo, as different wavelengths are more effective at breaking down specific ink colours.

That said, the number of sessions required for complete tattoo removal varies, depending on factors such as the size, age, and colour of the tattoo. On average, it takes about 6 to 10 sessions to achieve satisfactory results. The sessions are typically spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart to allow the skin to heal between treatments.

FracTatt Tattoo Removal

Unlike the Classic Tattoo removal, FracTatt tattoo removal is a relatively new technique that uses 2-step tattoo removal protocol.

1st step is a fractional lasers (FracTatt) tattoo removal. In this procedure, the laser splits into microbeams that create tiny holes in the skin. These holes are surrounded by healthy, untreated skin, which promotes faster wound healing and minimises the risk of scarring. These tiny holes also act as relief ducts that enable gasses formed in the tattoo removal step to escape and enable more efficient pigment destruction and tattoo clearance.

2nd step is a full beam laser tattoo removal. This step is the same as Classic tattoo removal. It involves using high-energy Q-switched laser which further breaks down the ink particles in the skin after the Fractatt tattoo removal.

The fractional FracTatt laser targets both the epidermis and the dermis layers of the skin, allowing for the effective removal of ink particles. The laser also triggers collagen production, which helps improve the skin's texture and appearance.

On that note, FracTatt tattoo removal requires fewer sessions compared to classic tattoo removal, with most patients achieving significant results within 4 to 6 sessions. The sessions are also spaced at least 4 to 6 weeks apart to allow for proper healing.

Classic Tattoo Removal vs. FracTatt Removal? Which One to Choose?

The choice between Classic Tattoo removal and FracTatt Tattoo removal ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

1. Skin Type

While both methods are generally safe for all skin types, FracTatt may be a better option for those with darker skin tones, as it poses a lower risk of hyperpigmentation.

2. Recovery time

FracTatt tattoo removal generally has a shorter recovery time compared to classic tattoo removal, as the fractional laser promotes faster wound healing.

3. Cost

The cost of each procedure varies depending on factors such as the size of the tattoo and the number of sessions required. On average, FracTatt tattoo removal may be more expensive per session, but it typically requires fewer sessions overall.

4. Availability

Lastly, classic tattoo removal is more widely available, as it has been around for a longer period. However, FracTatt is becoming increasingly popular, and more practitioners are offering this service.


Both Classic Tattoo removal and FracTatt Tattoo removal have their advantages and disadvantages. As such, it's essential to carefully consider your specific needs, skin type, and desired results before choosing the best method for you. That being said, we always recommend that you consult with a qualified professional to discuss your options and ensure that you receive the most effective and safe treatment for your tattoo removal journey!

Advanced Laser Clinic offers innovative, cutting-edge, non-invasive treatments that are appropriate for all skin types. These include laser facelifts, piano skin tightening, laser hair removal, and more. If you are interested in laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, call us today on 8360 9495.

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