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Getting Laser Tattoo Removal for a Better Cover-Up Tattoo

Updated: May 25, 2023

Laser Tattoo Removal

For a variety of reasons, people change their minds about getting tattoos and either desire to remove them or fade them to conceal them fully.

Getting a cover-up rather than a complete removal is advisable because many people’s love of tattoos endures even if they do not like the original design they selected many years ago.

But mastering this method can be challenging because not all tattoos lend themselves to being changed, and it requires a talented artist to perform superb work.

Getting Laser Tattoo Removal First Before a Cover-Up Tattoo

Having the original tattoo erased using laser tattoo removal is one technique that might assist a lot. This can be a highly practical and cost-effective method to achieve the intended effects with the new work of art.

This method is also applicable if the goal is not to eliminate the tattoo fully but rather to fade the darkest or most problematic places to get a cover-up.

Have a good conversation with your tattoo artist about what will be done. Before you do anything, you will need to know how you want your new tattoo to look and how it will complement your current tattoo.

Then, you can take care of the parts that need to be faded by using laser tattoo removal.

Continue reading to determine whether you need later tattoo removal before you proceed with your cover-up tattoo.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Actually Required before Getting a Cover-Up Tattoo?

Many people who want to get a tattoo erased are unsatisfied with a tattoo that was done in the past.

To fade out an earlier, inferior tattoo to make room for a newer, superior one is a frequent justification for laser tattoo removal.

If you’re thinking of getting a cover-up, it might be wise to assess the advantages and disadvantages of undergoing some laser tattoo removal treatments beforehand.

By their very nature, tattoo cover-ups are rather complicated and call for a skilled tattoo artist’s attentive creative contribution. Erasing the old tattoo may be one way to make it easier for the artist to come up with something fantastic for the new one.

If you have a small, extremely faded tattoo that you hardly see and are concealing it with a bigger piece, you can decide not to bother with laser removal beforehand. However, the design of the original can severely limit what can be done with the cover-up in most scenarios because there is often still a significant amount of ink pigment present.

Removing as much of the old tattoo as possible is advisable to ensure that you are truly happy with it for years to come.

How Does a Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure Feel?

Most individuals discover that the experience is comparable to—or less painful than—getting a tattoo. Even a medium-sized tattoo might be faded in a matter of minutes.

This is thanks to the lightning-fast treatments, which also include cooling air to lessen any discomfort from the laser.

Correct aftercare will guarantee that you receive the best and most comfortable care, including the application of cooling remedies like aloe vera, gentle treatment of the area and avoidance of sun exposure.


If you are considering laser tattoo removal before a cover-up tattoo, talk to a tattoo removal specialist to see if it is the right choice for you. It is important to find a reputable laser tattoo removal specialist. It can also be expensive, so it’s wise to factor that into your decision.

Advanced Laser Clinic is a skin laser clinic in Point Cook that can perform laser tattoo removal effectively! We provide specialised, cutting-edge, non-invasive therapies for all skin types, including laser face lifting, piano skin tightening, tattoo removal and laser hair removal. Schedule your consultation today.

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