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8 Simple and Effective Ways to Minimize Your Pores

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

If the number one question in your mind right now is how to shrink pores, you’re in luck. Here are a few tips and tricks to minimize your pore size that actually work.

Minimize Your Pores

Pores are important in a person’s skin structure. They help cool your skin and rid your body of toxins. Pores are good—but enlarged pores, not so much.

If the number one question in your mind right now is how to minimize your pores, you’re in luck. Here are a few tips and tricks to minimize your pore size that actually work.

Wash Your Face Regularly

Excess oil and dirt are two of the most common causes of enlarged pores. That is why the first thing you need to do is to cleanse your face regularly.

Ideally, it’s best to clean your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. But if you can only do it once a day, it’s better to do it before going to bed. Washing your face at night clears your skin from dirt and allows it to breathe and heal better while you sleep.

Remove Your Makeup before Bed

Regardless of whether they are non-comedogenic or not, cosmetics sit on top of your skin. This means that, in essence, they are similar to dirt.

Makeup can block your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. Clogging is a top cause of enlarged pores. Remember to use makeup wipes or oil cleansers to remove your makeup, sunscreen, and other products on your face before going to sleep.

Large Pores


Incorporating a facial scrub into your skincare routine is also beneficial. It removes the dead skin cells and deep-seated dirt in your pores.

Cleaning your pores once a week with a gentle exfoliator will do your skin good. However, be careful not to overdo it. Too much exfoliation can irritate your skin, strip it of its natural oils, and make your pores more pronounced.

Mask Up

Various masks can affect your pores differently, but they can all make them appear smaller. Clay masks unclog your pores, which make them look five times smaller.

On the other hand, hydrating masks introduce moisture to the skin, making large pores on dry skin appear smaller. Lastly, cooling face masks help reduce clogs and tightens the pores.

Hands Off

Unless you're doing your skincare routine, keep your hands off your face. The bacteria on them will transfer to your face and travel into your pores, causing infections.

When your skin is inflamed due to skin irritation, your pores will appear larger.

Pore Scetion

Don’t Pop It

Some people find popping blackheads and zits therapeutic—but don’t do it. When you improperly pop pimples, you risk spreading the infection to other parts of your face.

The next time you break out, leave pimples alone. If your acne is bothering you, you can go to a skin laser clinic and seek help from professionals.

Use Primers with Sunscreen

Collagen and elastin breakdown are two additional causes for enlarged pores. Overexposure to UV rays can affect your body’s collagen and elastin production.

Although sunscreens can protect your skin from UV rays, many sunscreen formulas make your pores look bigger. Using primers with SPF is a great alternative. These primers can protect your skin from the sun while smoothing out your pores.

Apply Retinoid Cream

Retinoid creams promote faster skin cell turnover, prevent collagen breakdown, and hampers oil production. All of these properties lend themselves to shrinking pores.

You don’t need a prescription to get these creams. They are available over-the-counter in beauty bars and chemists.

Conclusion - How to Minimize Your Pores

Obsessing over the size of your pores will not do you any good. The first step in dealing with your pores is to relax. Having enlarged pores is natural, but if you want to shrink the pores on your nose, you can try the tips above or visit a reputable laser skin clinic near you.

When looking for one of the best skin laser clinics in Point Cook, Advanced Laser Clinic is at your service. We offer a wide array of services to help bring out the best version of you there is. Schedule an appointment today!

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