Hydrodermabrasion is a trusted method used for exfoliating the stratum corneum, which is the top layer of skin. Being the outermost layer, it mostly consists of dead skin cells. Wrinkles, Fine Line, and Texture problems generally affect the layer. 

With technological advancement, The Hydrodermabrasion treatment uses fine water to even out blemishes, congestions, and discoloration on the skin. Thanks to this treatment, the topmost layer of the skin gets polished gently and the body starts replacing the cleared cells with new and healthy skin cells. This results in softening and smoothing the imperfections on your skin such as texture and wrinkles. The treatment results in smoother and firmer skin, which continues to boost the health and the look of your skin. 


  • Instantly nourishes the dehydrated and worn-out skin. Mitigates the fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Refine the texture of your skin. 

  • Reduces enlarged pores. 

  • Improves your skin appearance. 

Hydrodermabrasion aftercare:

  • We use quality moisturizer for seven days post-treatment

  • Consume water to keep your skin hydrated

  • Use gentle face cleansers

  • Give at least 48 hours break after treatment in case you want to apply to make up

Since everyone’s skin is different, you will receive specific aftercare instructions after treatment. 


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Topical Anesthetic

20 mins.






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