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Causes of Wrinkles - 10 Everyday Habits That You’re Guilty Of

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Wrinkled face

Perhaps, not applying sunscreen is one of the biggest mistakes that we can make to our skin. However, other habits contribute to making our skin dull and dry, leading to wrinkles and other skin problems. These are 10 other things we do that are sabotaging our skin.

1. Rubbing your eyes

The skin around the eyes is known to be too sensitive and delicate. Rubbing this area can stretch the skin and drastically break down elastin and collagen, which results in wrinkles. Besides, pulling your lids taut when applying eyeliner can also have the same adverse effect.

2. Not using your sunnies

Your sunglasses should not only be a fashionable accessory; they should also be used as protection from the sun’s rays. Staring at the sun’s rays, and even at your gadgets’ screens, can force the muscles around the eyes and between the brows to contract. When the overlying skin starts to crease, wrinkles may begin appearing.

At first, wrinkles may appear only when you make some movements, but eventually, you will notice that they become fixed and deeper. Crow’s feet is one of the most common places where wrinkles appear, but they can be prevented by wearing sunglasses.

3. Eating foods high in sugar

Desserts and other sweets can be tempting and delicious. However, not all of them are good for your skin. Some experts advise that excessive sugar intake can lead to the accumulation of advanced glycation end products. These are compounds that are detrimental to the skin since they are actually formed when fat and protein combine with the bloodstream. They can damage elastin and collagen, causing skin sagging and wrinkles.

4. Lack of sleep

It’s undeniable that a good night’s sleep is key to having healthy, glowing skin. You may notice that when you lack sleep, your skin looks dry and dull. Do not deprive yourself of getting complete sleeping hours because this is when your skin cells are renewed and repaired. According to experts, sleep deprivation can also adversely impact a person’s facial features, such as having dark circles around the eyes, dry skin and mouth and hanging eyelids.

5. Wrong sleeping position

Sleeping on your stomach can make your skin creased and lead to wrinkles. When you press your face against the pillow, wrinkles can become easily etched on your face. People who are often sleeping on their stomach can be at risk of having puffy eyes because it is more difficult to drain fluid in this position. The best sleeping position to protect your face from wrinkles is sleeping on your back with the head slightly elevated.

6. Prolonged staring down at your devices

When you’re staring down at your tablet, tablet, phone and other electronic gadgets for several hours a day, you tend to bend your neck too often. This movement may cause wrinkles and lines to form and on your neck (also known as tech neck). Frowning and squinting can also cause lines on your face. The constant movements of the neck and bending down puts pressure on the muscle, which can lead to wrinkles.

7. Sipping through a straw

Unlike dentists who advise drinking tea and coffee using a straw, dermatologists do not recommend that because it forces the lips to purse. Frequent pursing of the lips causes wrinkles around the lips and mouth area.

8. Resting your face in your hands

Repetitively resting the face in the hands can also create wrinkles. When the hands prop the face in an upward direction, the skin is pushed and starts to crease, leading to wrinkles. Besides, the pressure from your hands can also contribute to how collagen and elastin are broken down.

9. Chewing gum

When you are chewing gum, there can be a muscle overactivity in the cheek’s muscles. Such can also cause collagen to break down and lose elasticity. Although chewing gum can have several benefits, doing this too often can damage the skin muscles.

10. Exposure to air pollution

Air pollution can bring a drastic impact on our skin and overall health. Exposure to smoke, cigarettes, smog, and car exhaust can cause damage to the skin. They can result in oxidative stress and skin ageing with symptoms like wrinkles and dry skin.

Conclusion - Causes of Wrinkles

Your skin deserves proper care and treatment. Being aware of these skin-damaging habits is vital so that we can make a conscious effort to avoid them and have wrinkle-free, vibrant and healthy skin.

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