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When you have dark, pigmented skin around your eyes, no concealer seems to cover it, and few topical products will affect it.

We’re excited to share how this laser technology advancement is targeting multiple skin texture and pigmentation issues using a fast, non-ablative medical grade Fotona MaQX laser. Dramatic, visible skin lightening and tone improvements are achieved without the discomfort or downtime once expected.

The StarWalker MaQX laser by Fotona uses a powerful 2-step system to reduce unwanted facial pigment, under-eye circles, freckles, and uneven skin tone.

Do you notice sun damage when you look in the mirror? If you have an Asian complexion, melasma, darkened scars, and hyperpigmentation can be an embarrassing issue.

Green toning is safe for Asian skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation. It also reduces pore size, improves skin colour, improves the appearance of sun damage, and helps smooth skin texture. In fact, the StarWalker MaQX is so multifaceted, we can treat melasma, hyperpigmentation, and redness at both the dermal and epidermal levels.

How Does the Green Toning Laser Work?


The same Angel Whitening laser treatment technology is behind the green toning dual-wavelength approach.

Green toning uses 2 light energy wavelengths: the Q-switched YAG, which treats deep pigmentation, and the Q-switched KTP, which treats more superficial pigment. As with the StarWalker MaQX tattoo removal, rapid, nanosecond pulses target the dermal and epidermal skin layers. The effect shatters pigments so they can be naturally flushed out of the body’s lymphatic system. The photo-acoustic reaction obliterates pigment into such fine dust that it is cleared from the system faster and more completely than any laser technology of the past.

Green toning is non-ablative. That means it doesn’t require anaesthetic, and it doesn’t damage the surface layers of skin to stimulate sloughing and peeling. That’s why it is far less uncomfortable than ablative lasers like CO2, and it doesn’t require downtime.

Most people schedule green toning treatment to erase their unwanted pigmentation. They can focus on stubborn skin concerns like melasma, freckles, sunspots, and scars.

Melasma and rosacea have a vascular component, so the green toning multi-wavelength MaQX modality targets capillaries along with pigment for comprehensive transformation.

Green toning offers clearer, even-toned skin and multiple additional benefits like supple, firmer tone, minimized pores, and a natural glow with less makeup!

What Areas Can Green Toning Improve?


Green toning lightens and evens pigmentation anywhere on the body. Our clients typically brighten their face, décolletage, and hands, which experience the most sun exposure and environmental stress. Green toning is also used to improve post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) due to skin injuries such as burns, cuts, or surgical scars.

Is There Downtime After Green Toning Treatment?


Green toning comes with few associated complications or risks. We will inform you about pre- and post-treatment care instructions for your safety and to ensure optimal results.

Potential risks related to laser treatments include:

  • Hyperpigmentation – Pigmentation may temporarily darken, or darkened areas may persist. Lightening products can help fade unwanted darkening.

  • Hypopigmentation – In rare cases, the skin may lose pigment unexpectedly after laser treatment.

  • Prolonged redness or inflammation – Usually redness fades within 24 hours, but it can last longer.

  • Bacterial or viral infection – Laser treatments may trigger a herpes simplex outbreak. You must let your practitioner know if you’re susceptible to cold sores and other viral conditions.


To maintain a flawless complexion, follow the post-treatment care instructions provided and avoid UV exposure throughout your treatment period. We usually advise patients to undergo 3 - 4 sessions, 4 weeks apart.

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate for Green Toning?


Green toning helps reduce chloasma, melasma, and pigmentation in both the epidermal and dermal skin layers. People with fair skin or medium/Asian skin types 1 to 3 make excellent candidates.

Your green toning laser treatments can be combined with chemical peels and other treatments for amplified results.

Our experienced clinicians will be happy to discuss medical-grade skincare formulas that will further exfoliate, brighten, and tone your complexion.

StarWalker’s short-pulse, non-thermal energy delivery is considered safe and means fast recovery. It’s appropriate for a diverse range of pigment and skin types, but some highly pigmented lesions respond better to intensive peels.

During your personalized consultation, we can help you discover your skin’s unique needs and plan a treatment protocol to help you reach your goals.

What Should You Expect During Your Pigment Removal Treatment?


Most patients describe a prickly sensation throughout green toning treatment with Fotona’s StarWalker laser, but no anesthesia is necessary before the session.

One reason why the green toning technology is exceptionally safe and effective for melasma is that it’s non-thermal and doesn’t cause uncomfortably hot skin reactions.

The MaQX laser energy feels warm, but your skin will be cooled throughout your session with a cold air attachment. Green toning is considered to be more comfortable than IPL and laser hair removal.

Your practitioner will pass the laser handpiece over target areas in smooth motions. Once the green toning treatment is finished, you may feel like you have a mild sunburn and see some flaking or pink skin for a day.

Even Skin Tone Maintenance


Once you’ve reached the desired clear complexion with green toning, we recommend that you maintain a fresh, clean look with 2 to 3 maintenance treatments per year. There are also easy ways that you can prevent sunspots and melasma from returning when you practice smart skincare at home.

  1. Investigate any health or medical cause for reoccurring melasma, since it is sometimes triggered by hormone imbalances or medication such as oral contraception.

  2. Daily sun protection is critical once you’ve invested time and effort into your blemish-free skin. Concerning melasma, UV radiation is one of the key factors that exacerbate this issue. This is a great time to commit to covering up and wearing sunblock all year long.

Schedule a Green Toning Laser Consultation with us


We look forward to helping you reveal a brighter, radiant complexion that you’re proud to show off!

You’ll feel welcomed in our clinic, where you can have a private skin assessment and receive personalized recommendations.

Your clinician will answer your questions and let you know what to expect from your own green toning experience.

If you’re curious to know what the buzz around green toning is all about, book your free consultation to learn whether this could be your foundation for a glowing complexion this year!

Prior to Treatment


Every person wishing to be treated at Advanced Laser Clinic will require a consultation with our Laser Consultant prior to their first treatment.

At this appointment, we welcome all questions to advance your understanding of the treatment. There will be a consultation form to be completed about your health and medications to assess your eligibility for treatment.

It is important to run a patch test on the skin to make sure that the settings are safe and suitable for your skin. If there are no reactions 24 hours after your patch test, we can commence your laser treatment.

Before laser therapy, it is very important that you keep your treated area away from sun exposure. Your skin needs to be protected from the sun for a minimum of two weeks before any treatment commences. It is important for pre and post treatment. The lasers work on delivering a specific temperature at a certain depth in the tissue to produce the desired results. This is the end point that can be aggravated if or when exposed to sun causing unwanted adverse effects on the skin.   


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40 mins.





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